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Simona De Tullio

Simona began her studies in Puglia and later in Venezia at the “Biennale Danza” for choreographic Collision project,then in Cibitanova Marche for a masterclass with the “Alonzo King Lines Ballet” before going on to further studies in the USA(Trisha Brown Intensive,Susan Marshall Project,Gibney Center) and The Netherlands (H.J.Foundation). The “Breathing Art Company” was created to give opportunity to local talents to express themselves, develop, and have the chance to present on stage what they had worked so hard to achieve. In 2015 she was invited to the USA to hold classes for university students in the following institutions - Taproot, Columbia University, Island Moving Company, Florida Atlantic University, Miami Dade College. She participates in national and international festivals, collaborates with directors and actors such as Claudio Insegno and Orso Maria Guerrini and works with orchestras and musicians to promote all aspects of art and the fusion of different styles of expression. She also works as a teacher, working with children to develop new talents, many of which today work for companies or study in prestigeous academies, with actors and dancers, developing their skills. Simona founded the “Breathing Art Company” in Bari in 2005, the dance company with which she produces her creations and promotes the art of dance all its many guises. In recent years she has brought her work to the USA - New York, Miami, Boca Raton, Puerto Rico, Charlotte and Newport, where in 2018 she will create a new piece for the company. In Europe she has worked in Spain, Germany, Albania and The Netherlands, creating an international network of collaborators involved in the“Premio Internazionale di Danza San Nicola”, which she created and has directed each year since since 2010. She presents her works in Puglia during the theatre season, directs events involving a variety of diverse artistic media and follows projects focused on the development of new dancers in the Puglia area. She has choreographed the “Promessi Sposi” by Claudio Insegno, the street shows of the Carnevale di Putignano and with her works has taken part in a number of foreign festivals. She has also been a judge at the “Montenegro Dance Festival”.


Ilaria Lacriola

Since September 2011 she has been part of the contemporary dance company Breathing Art Company, directed by Simona De Tullio, staging the productions Rendez-vous, Princesse, Tutti le donne di William, Studio su Carmen, both nationally and in international festivals such as ``TANZart Giessen``, ``Great Friends dance Festival`` Newport (Rhode Island, USA), Budapest Tancszinahz, Institute of Arts Barcelona, Columbia University (New York City)... In 2021 he takes part in the production ``La palomba Ascending``, a project in collaboration between Breathing Art Company and Island Moving Company (Newport, Rhode Island, USA) and in 2022 presents the preview of the new production of the Breathing Art Company at the Festival Rencontres Choreographiques in Casablanca.
Since 2015, with the Breathing Art Company, he has taken part in the choreographic review ``Ai confini del corpo``, in training activities in foreign universities (Miami, Barcelona, Columbia University) and cultural exchange projects; to dance and movement projects dedicated to children at risk at ``XI San Francesco Bari state educational club`` 2015, Comprehensive school ``16 C. D. Ceglie-Manzoni Lucarelli`` 2017-18-19, Comprehensive school ``Falcone-Borsellino `` Bari since 2020 with the contribution of the Municipality of Bari.
He continues his career as a coreutic expert in the educational projects ``The Gym of Creativity`` Urbis project Municipality of Bari, ``Dance you learn 2020`` with the contribution of the Municipality of Bari, ``Barefoot in the park`` with the contribution of the Puglia Region, ``Corpi Liberi 2021-22`` winning project Public notice Beauty and legality for a Puglia free from mafias, step by step summer center 2022, with the contribution of the Puglia Region.


Lia Alisi

She began her dance studies at the age of 5 at Helga Kaloc Akademie
He perfected his studies at the Molinari Art Center in Rome, followed a course for teachers of modern and classical dance for the propaedeutics and dance game with Claudia Rossi organized with CSEN and finally followed a project for choreographers organized by CNIPA Puglia.
She began her teaching career at the age of 18 taking classical and modern dance courses for preparatory courses and dance games from 2018 to today.
As a professional dancer she began with Simona De Tullio's Breathing Art company and then worked with the same from December 2019 to today, she has worked for various productions such as: Sud, Rendez-vous, Just a coffee to be happy, All women by William and Alice (in production this year).


Liliana Gelao

From 2014 to 2020 she was a professional dancer of the Breathing art company of Simona De Tullio and EgriBiancoDanza of Raphael Bianco.
With the Breathing Art Company dance in the productions: 'All women of William' at Teatro Rossini, presented in Puglia, in 'SUD' for DaB dance Bari at Teatro Kismet, at Bullfrogsballet (Skopje, Macedonia) and ROC Nova College (Haarlem, Netherlands), for the Border Review of the Body 'Be Italian' at Bullfrogsballet (Skopje, Macedonia), for International Project in NewPort Ballet Academy (Newport Rhode Island)


Esther Vendola

She began her dance studies at the age of three in Giovinazzo at Anna Damiani's College of Dance.
He perfected his studies in Barletta by joining the Higher Education and Orientation course for young classical and contemporary dancers ``FormAzione Tersicore``, in Rome at the National Academy of Dance earning a three-year and two-year degree in contemporary dance and in Bari following various contemporary dance, improvisation and aerial dance workshops.
She began her teaching career in Rome holding contemporary, modern and classical dance courses for children aged 6 to 18 from 2020 to 2022 and in Bari holding pre-dance, pre-primary, primary and 1st degree courses (RAD method) to children aged 5 to 8 from 2022 to today.
As a professional dancer she starts with the ResExtensa Dance Company dancing in various productions from 2022 both in Italy and abroad (Saudi Arabia) to then work with the Breathing Art Company in the 2022 production in Bari.


Federica De Giosa

Federica has been the marketing and comunications force behind the “Breathing Art Company” since 2016.

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