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“The Breathing Art Company” was founded in 2005 by Simona De Tullio and since then has been working to promote the development and diffusion of dance in Italy and abroad. The company, which is part of the “Albo dello Spettacolo della Regione Puglia”, has presented works in  Germany, Spain, Hungary, Albania, Puerto Rico and the USA (Miami, New York, Charlotte, Newport), developing an international network supporting the “Premio Internazionale di Danza San Nicola”, the annual highlight of the company’s productions. The ultimate goal of any company should be to develop emerging talent and this is why dance school “The Studio” in Bari is considered an important support.


The company since its infancy, has seen the discovery and development of new talents as its main focus, encouraging workshops with such influential teachers as:  F. Monteverde, T.Assam, R. Cerloj, J. Green, A. Taylor, M. Causey, M. Van de Westeringh, G. Santucci, L. Saillot, F. Esposito, plus many more. “The Studio” in Bari facilitates all the courses, workshops, rehersals and activities of the company.

The company is also heavily involved with the local authorities in activities focused on the rehabilitation through art of youngsters with problems and also with programs for the elderly. These collaborations and projects were made possible thanks to the support from Comune di Bari and  Municipio 2, where the school is located.


The productions of the “Breathing Art Company” have been presented throughout Italy and abroad in festivals and events promoted by a variety of different theatres, companies and artistic networks. Brucia Strega Brucia, Suite Rouge, A Qualcuno Piace Donna, Madame, Rendezvous, Human Beings… Be Human, Il Brutto Anatroccolo, Principessa Per Caso, Tutte Le Donne di William are the main works that brought the company to prominence, as well as guest appearances in local events supported by the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese- Regione Puglia.


The Premio Internazionale di Danza San Nicola,  the Galà Città di Bari and Ai Confini del Corpo are three well known events in the national schedule of dance, events of a high quality and great opportunities for young dancers to shine and for schools to meet and exchange ideas.

The company is also involved in events and activities in which dance is not the only medium of expression, but the arts in general.

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